Drones in the Mackenzie

Mackenzie District Council adopted a Policy on Flying Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) in 2015. This policy can be read fully on the MDC website.

According to CAA rules, no drones are allowed to be flown within 4km of an airfield.

MDC have checked and the Church of the Good Shepherd is located 3.5km from the airfield, so therefore there is to be no flying of drones around the Church of the Good Shepherd.

If a person is operating a drone over people, they need to get written consent from each person they are flying over.

If a person is operating a drone over private land, they need to get written consent from the land owner.

If a person is wanting to fly a drone over LINZ land, they should seek LINZ approval.

The Council’s drone policy states what Council land a drone cannot be flown over.

If someone is flying a drone causing safety issues, and after making contact with the drone owner who still persists in doing this, contact the Police.  If they still persist, contact CAA.  If relevant, contact the Privacy Commissioner.

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