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Ledgendary Mackenzie

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Legendary Mackenzie! Step into the great wide open and discover the highest mountains, awe-inspiring glaciers, vivid turquoise lakes, golden grasslands and dazzling starry skies.

Lake Tekapo Untouched

For further information on Lake Tekapo our official information site is the place to start! Lake Tekapo Untouched will provide you with historical information on Lake Tekapo, activities and attractions, our local restaurants, shops & services and latest news.

Lake Tekapo Tourism

Tekapo Tourism is delighted to be able to bring you their online tourist and visitor guide to Lake Tekapo and the Mackenzie Country. This website contains over 100 pages of Tekapo related information.

Live Webcam

Tekapo tourism also provides a live webcam of Lake Tekapo, so you can go online and see you beautiful scenery and weather for yourself.



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